Evelyn Frances Seed

Photo by Chloe Jarnac

Photo by Chloe Jarnac

Evelyn Frances, “Seed”

Pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and writer Evelyn Frances is releasing her debut EP ‘Seed’ on April 26th (Spirit House & Source Material Records), a production comprised by 7 tracks that discuss a wide range of interconnected subjects including nature, love, anxiety, and self-proclamation.

Produced by Grammy winner engineer and producer Phil Joly (Lana del Rey, Daft Punk, The Strokes among many others), Evelyn’s music is aimed at creating a sense of contemplation, ease, and even meditation while presenting heavy topics.

For Evelyn Frances, music is a textural, tangible experience. Her music lives in the grainy earth found in the rich-soils of the old growth forest. Her intricate vocals paired with her sensitive lyrics create a space for contemplation, reflection, and meditation.

The opening track and EP first single, “Treehouse Palace”, is about made up love and the urge to be in nature. “Nina” is a song about the artist’s self-proclamation inspired on the fierce personality of Nina Simone. Evelyn shows her romantic side on the heartbreaking songs “Bye Bye Baby” and “In The Morning”, while the track “Spin” is an open souled story that narrates the deep levels of anxiety the artist felt in the past. The EP finishes with “Seed”, an improvised song which Evelyn declares as the most meditative of the entire album.

Photo by Chloe Jarnac

Photo by Chloe Jarnac

Evelyn Frances was born in Belgium and lived everywhere from South Korea to the Midwest. Daughter of jazz musicians, Evelyn was raised on an environment influenced by classical piano, flute, jazz and inevitably pop culture. It is precisely this fascinating and deep background of musical and life experiences that inspired the artist to create ‘Seed’, an EP impregnated by lyrics that flow into a time-lapse, as if listener were watching a plant sprout and grow in a dream state.

Evelyn Frances creates an organic blend of experimental, folk, and electronica on her upcoming album ‘Seed’produced and engineered with Phil Joly at Electric Lady Studios and Shifted Recording in New York.  ‘Seed’ is intended to be experienced as a full cycle, from start to finish, and is a whispered outcry at human's destruction of our earth, our selves, and each other.

“Evelyn Frances’ “I Could Feel You” is a mantra, an intoxicating incantation, and a warning. It’s as much a reflection on our desecrated environment as it is about the fractured human condition in which we currently find ourselves. Accompanied by a beautiful yet somber music video directed by Samantha Shay, founder of Source Material Records, and videographed by Chloe Jarnac, Evelyn sings to Mother Nature, engages with her, maybe even asks her for forgiveness. The track begins with stripped-down and raw vocals, which crescendo into a rhymically charged cacophony, followed by a delicate dénoument of flutes, and loop back to the vocal mantra to complete the cycle. Bliss.”

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