of Light

Based on Danielle Vogel's original poem A Library of Light; of Light is an interdisciplinary performance in which darkness is our initiator, nightly ritual, and a womb from which we emerge. Simultaneously, of Light explores how human beings are light bearers, and how the human voice, both invisible and perceptible, creates light. Performed almost entirely in darkness, of Light is an experimental opera and an incantation of celestial rhythm.

The piece was created by Samantha Shay (Director and Performer), Vincent Richards (Scenic Designer), KARYYN (Composer and Vocalist), and Nini Julia Bang (Vocalist), and was created under the mentorship of Marina Abramovic. Having been performed only once, the piece made waves through the interdisciplinary creative, scene, with an endorsement of the piece by Bjork in the Guardian after attending the premier, and Moving Masses, the only music released from the piece, being named Best New Track by Pitchfork in 2017.


 Director: Samantha Shay
Original Music by KÁRYYN
Scenic Design: Vincent Richards
Lighting Design: Alexander Freer
Sound Engineering: Paul Evans
Traditional song transmission: Nini Julia Bang
Performed by Samantha Shay, KÁRYYN, Emily Jackson, Jodie Landau, Suzanne
, and Nini Julia Bang.
Assistant Director: Suzanne Sterling
Production Manager: Chelsea DuVall
Producer: Dagny Berglind Gisladottir
Assistant Producer: Gerri Ravyn Stanfield
Filmed and edited by Victoria Sendra